1. Are you still friends with any of your friends from high school? How have they changed since then?

  2. What was your first boss like?

  3. What were your grandparents like?

  4. What was your first big trip?

  5. What is one of your favorite children's stories?

  6. What inventions have had the biggest impact on your day-to-day life?

  7. Have you ever feared for your life?

  8. What was the neighborhood you grew up in like?

  9. Can you tell me about any major historical events you lived through, and how you remember them?

  10. What is one of your earliest childhood memories?

  11. What was life like in the 60s?

  12. Tell me about a time you got in trouble at work.

  13. What is one of the worst trips you've ever taken? What went wrong?

  14. Tell me about a time you volunteered for something that nobody else wanted to do.

  15. How did you experience Neil Armstrong's first steps on the moon?

  16. What is the most scared you’ve ever been?

  17. Have you ever missed a flight?

  18. Did you have any ongoing disagreements with your sibling as a child? What were they?

  19. Tell me a funny story about a new activity you once tried.

  20. What traits do you share with your father?

  21. What is one of the most difficult things you've ever done? What was the outcome?

  22. What is one of the strangest things you've ever eaten?

  23. What is one of the most expensive things that you've ever bought?

  24. Have you ever won anything?

  25. Have you ever had to make a tough moral decision? How did it turn out?

  26. What is one of your favorite drinks?

  27. Have you lost any possessions that you really cared about? What were they?

  28. Did you ever argue with your parents about clothes or haircuts?

  29. What simple pleasures of life do you truly enjoy?

  30. What have been some of your favorite restaurants through the years? How about now

  1. What are your favorite TV shows?

  1. What things are you proudest of in your life?