Sandels Family Photographs

Harry Sandel's builders yard, with cricket match

Bill (Spadger) Morris is referee. HHS playing fields.

Janet Wootton

Alan, Tony, Jen. 31 Quarry Rd., Hereford, back window

Marjoire and Jenny W

Woottons, Quarry Rd back yard

Woottons and Morris' at Saundersfoot

Alan and Tony

Harry, George holding Jenny

Tony and Alan, Quarry Rd Hereford

Janet and Donald, wedding

Ruth, Peter, Janet, George, Freda, Eric Wolverston

Don Wootton's WW2

Don Woottons WW2

G GM Wootton

James Wootton

G GF Wootton

G GF Wootton

G GF Wootton

Donald Wooton

Dora, Marjorie and Verena

Richard and Freda

Cotswold View

Janet and Freda

Freda, Ruth, Janet 1926

Freda, Ruth, Janet 1926, posed

Freda at 2 with Janet

Ernest (killed in WW1), Harry and George (the gardener) Sandels

George Sandels and Sarah Webb with (front) George , Ernest, (back) Harry, Nell, Tet, Elizabeth,

Dora and Harry ploughing

G-G-Gma with bible

Chippy Station, by Peter Sandels

Dora Sandels (grandmother)

Janet and Donald, wedding

Sandels Reunion

Sandels Reunion

Tony: A report

Slugger Tony Wootton

Janet, Tony, Alan, Quarry Rd.

George Sandels

Ken's dingy

Tony and Alan, in Ken's dingy

Family holiday, Tryfan

Mark and Alastair

Cricket on family holiday, Marjorie bowls

Donald Wootton

Donald Wootton

Donald Wootton, Alan (in back), Tony, Jen

G-U Jim, Janet, Peter, George, Ruth, Freda

Donald Wootton in Oxford (St. Peter's Hall)

Donald Wootton, St. Peter's Hall cricket team

Janet Wootton's bees: She was in the Land Army in East Anglia




These four pictures above were interspersed with some of Donald Wootton when at St. Peter's Hall, Oxford.

HHS school photo, June 1958, with Don Wootton

Expanded from previous

Chess set that DW got for cigarettes in WW2

2008 Chippy reunion

2008 Chippy reunion again

Chippy Town Hall 1913

Humphrey Lyttelton, Freda, Richard, Alan (with pack) 1960

Cotswold View

Dora, Marjorie and Verena

Family with Jim at Horsefair

Family camping, Berkshire Downs, 1931

Freda at 2, with Janet

Gumbo and Nan, Stonecroft

George Sandles, Gardener

Freda, Janet, Ruth, Peter, George at Horsefair

Dora posed

Dora, a portrait

Harry and Dora (Gumbo and Nan) at Stonecroft

Harry and Dora ploughing, with child

Harry's men to Birmingham building exhibitions

Janet Wootton, 79th birthday morning

Milton under Wychwood vicarage fete, with Arthur Skidmore

Peter, George and Scamp

Uncle George and Jen Harris