Tony and I wanted to provide an easy way for family and friends, should they want, to find about our history. Richard Clarke, Sarah Williams and Tony Wootton but together a family tree, that Alex Wootton implemented as a web site. As far as Tony and I (and of course Jenny) were concerned, we grew up knowing mostly our parents, our first cousins, our uncles and aunts, and grandparents on the Sandels side. We knew a little of our great grandparents on the Sandels side, but effectively nothing of our grandparents or great grandparents on the Wootton side. So growing up our effective family tree was much as shown below, and even that is larger than we really knew. But those shown are most of the people you will meet if you choose to view our photograph collections.

We also want to collect short vignettes - memories - that people might have, that make our ancestors come alive.

Below is the truncated family tree. If you are lucky (?) any name in and underlined in blue will open a new web page or a document on this site, with a short description or vignette.

While there is plenty of information on the Sandels side, there is little on the Wootton side. Our Grandmother Frances died in 1944 so we never knew her. We don't know what happened to our Grandfather Henry or his siblings, except that he handed down woodworking tools, and his brother James moved to Canada, and was manager of a store in Toronto.